For those who were not present, in last nights adventure we:

  • learned that Jazz really, REALLY ought to get a Driver’s License
  • you don’t need to care about the colour of traffic lights when you have a police escort
  • we are introduced to the new Alberta intelligence agency, Alberta Strategic Studies … er, Institute
  • previously an academic think tank focused on commercial oil patch intelligence, now doing intelligence analysis for Gov. of Alberta
  • they know they need to work on their name
  • a device found in the BC bunker the team raided recently was determined to be a CRISPR gene editor
  • they briefed the team on the fatal Mutation Virus hot spot in Marlborough, and Steve Porter on the lam
  • they briefed the team on Russian money being funnelled to pro- AND anti-mutant extremist groups
  • after the ASS … I briefing Stick and Psyclist go to Marlborough to inspect the Porter home
  • Jazz went out for a smoke, and met Gallowglas (AKA Polly, Pamela’s new character)
  • Jazz managed to be totally unhelpful by staying in character yet NOT having Gallowglas pound her senseless
  • after returning from the Porter home, Psyclist and Stick meet Gallowglas
  • all have a nice chat with the Man from ASS … I (they REALLY have to work on that name … :-)
  • we learn about another fatal M.V. hot spot in an isolated rural community near Altario AB
  • Polly, AKA Gallowglas, is the sole survivor, all the dead are her family
  • Polly seems to have a vengeful streak
  • Polly reveals she sent a cheek swab to “23&Me” at a stranger’s urging (via internet), address is on her phone
  • the same address was on Steve Porter’s computer, and isn’t really 23&Me
  • Polly recalls a black BMW in her community the day before the outbreak, lost and asking her for directions
  • Psyclist creates an artist’s rendering of Polly’s recollection of the visitor
  • tall, youngish with a military haircut
  • the group surmise that a Mutation Virus variant was custom tailored for each (Polly and Steve Porter)
  • the virus was delivered clandestinely
  • the virus transformed the intended target, and killed all close family (not quite the right gene sequence)
  • Brenda calls Ben reporting that they’ve found Steve Porter, and have a “high-school shooter” scenario, only its not a high school and its not a shooter
  • its CDI, a commercial for-profit “college” at 5th Av and 34th St NE (incidentally formerly the Elluminate office)
  • Steve Porter is an ex-student, and reportedly commandeered a 2nd floor computer lab and “vapourized” several people
  • the team arrives, reconnoitres and eventually storms the lab
  • the second floor of 403 34th St NE has REALLY HIGH ceilings (~6m)
  • Stick and C4 get teleported up, out of the building, and fall ~8m to the roof
  • Teleportation, Usable As Attack, is really annoying
  • Stick heroically grabs C4 on the way down to the roof, to protect her from the 4d6 fall damage
  • it would’ve been a much longer fall, and harder landing, if the place had had normal ceiling height
  • they find the “vapourized” students also on the roof, unconscious with various fall-related injuries
  • C4 blasts a hole in the roof (thank-you, shaped charge power …) so she and Stick can rejoin the fun
  • Gallowglas and Psyclist storm the lab, Psyclist misses two Mental Blasts, Gallowglas punches him once to little effect
  • Jazz then flashes him, and Stick descends through the hole in the roof with acrobatic aplomb (and on Psyclist’s camera feed)
  • Stick backhands our zero partway through the lab wall, stunning him
  • Psyclist FINALLY lands a mental blast, knocking the perp out
  • Gallowglas lays on hands, and GM’s discretion is achieved

Medics and police arrive on the roof to care for the injured, and our heroes begin to leave … and are stopped by Alberta Health and are now in Quarantine.

Our trailing splash page shows Jazz getting a visitor, talking over telephones through the glass windows of the isolation ward. “I’m from Farmer’s Insurance, and I want to talk to you about a claim a customer has made about the roof of their building …”

Oh yes, there is no smoking in the isolation ward. I’m sure their conversation is going to go … marvellously … :-)

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