1. Gallowglas enters Agni’s cell, picks him up, and runs towards the stairs. Wm. Bear Claw (Eagle Form) enters the building, heading towards the Control Room, but only gets to the corridor along side the Motor Pool.

  2. Stick regains his hearing.

  3. Gallowglas enters the stairway with Agni, and climbs to the L2 doorway landing. Jazz continues down the stairs towards the Pit Level (L5), reaching the L3 doorway landing. Alphonse runs the stairs from the Reactor Level (L6) to the Control Room, carrying the drill, bits and extra batteries. Stick enters Cassandra’s cell, grabs her, and runs up the stairs to L2, by Gallowglas. Slammer runs down the stairs towards the Pit Level to help bring the ex-prisoners to the Control Room. He passes Squads C & D, piled up on the stairs, and stops on the landing below them, beside Psyclist’s unconscious body and Squad B.

At the top of the Stairs, Gorman, A-6, A-4 and A-3 all get recoveries. Gorman & A-6 have now recovered the last of their drained END.

At Slammer’s level, C-2, C-4, D-1 and D-6 all get Recoveries, and regain consciousness. Slammer notices some movement in the heap. “This will not do at all!” he says to himself.

Ghost continues to look for alternate means to remove the collars (rolls a 5).

  1. Wm Bear Claw (Eagle Form) flies into the Control Room and transforms to Human Form. “How can I help?” he asks Ghost. She points at Dallas Williams, now wearing a collar, and says “Wake him up, if you can, so we can interrogate him about removing these collars while he still has his head.” Dallas’ collar shows “4:56”.

  2. Gallowglas continues up the stairs with Agni, reaching L1, but is unable to reach the Control Room. Jazz continues down the stairs to just past the L4 doorway landing. Stick carries Cassandra into the Control Room. Stick notices Dallas is wearing a collar, which now reads “4:55”. Cassandra’s collar reads “4:50”. “Why is HE in a collar?” Stick asks Ghost. “I though we could use a guinea pig. I didn’t think we wanted to practice removing the collars on anyone we cared about.” “I see,” Stick responds, icily.

Slammer fires his Sonic Boom up the stairs at Squads C & D, for 39 STUN. C-2, C-4, D-1 and D-6 all go unconscious again. Slammer does another zero phase PER roll, and decides they are not as far out of it as he’d like.

Ghost continues to look for alternate means to remove the collars (roll is unremarkable, but successful).

A-5 has his drained END returned, although he remains unconscious.

  1. Gallowglas carries Agni into the Control Room, and lays him out beside Cassandra, as a half-phase action. She notices the collar on Dallas, which reads “4:53”. Agni’s and Cassandra’s collars both show “4:48”. “That collar looks good on him,” she says, “is that you’re doing, Ghost?” Ghost says “You bet!”

Jazz continues down to L5, but can’t make it out of the building. Alphonse runs down the stairs to L5, and out into the Pit, with the intent of helping direct the ex-prisoners to the Control Room for collar removal. Slammer Sonic Booms Squads C & D again, fro 28 STUN. All are now well and truly into GM’s Discretion. Ghost drags Dallas over to Stick, and props his head up on a chair, face down, so the back of the collar is readily accessible. Stick says “We need something we can put the collars in or under once they’re off, to contain the blast if they go off.” Gallowglas suggests a bathtub, Ghost says that the Barracks, on L2, only have showers. “A mattress would work, they’re pretty tough.” Stick selects a bit, and carefully chooses his placement on Dallas’ collar. He takes his time to get it right, and will drill in his next phase. “I will wait until you are done with him,” says Wm. Running Bear, to Ghost & Stick, regarding Dallas, and delays his action.

Gorman, A-6, A-4 and A-3 all get Recoveries.

Post 12 Recovery. Gorman, A-6, A-4 and A-3 are now all back at full STUN and END. A-5 gets a Recovery, but remains unconscious.

Turn 5

  1. Gallowglas runs down to L2, heading to the Barracks to find a mattress.

  2. Jazz runs out of the building, and stands beside Alphonse. “Everyone inside and up the stairs,” she yells, “Move it or lose it, people.” Alphonse runs around to the back of the group of ex-prisoners, and grabs P-1 (one of the twins, who are of muscular build, likely with Super-Strength, and of indigenous origin). “OK, Schwartzenegger,we’re going upstairs.” Suzy Running Bear moves towards to building, and gestures desperately at her collar, now showing “4:45”. Alphonse says to her “We’re working on it, upstairs, in the Control Room.”

Back upstairs, Stick drills Dallas’ collar very successfully, and is also able to trip the release catch and remove it from his neck. No Boom. He tosses the collar in the far corner of the room, still no Boom. He realizes he is shaking, it was very stressful for him, knowing one wrong move could cause the collar to detonate and decapitate its wearer. He makes a successful Demolitions roll. “Someone find me some sheet metal we can bend to form a blast shield. These are small charges, at only three places around the collar, it won’t take a lot of metal to protect the wearer from the blast.”

Wm Bear Claw takes Dallas, and drags him out of Stick’s way, and starts a Shaman Ritual.

Slammer, between L3 and L4, is now satisfied that the soldiers here will all stay down long enough. He activates his radio, and asks “Do you need assistance getting the prisoners to the Control Room?” Jazz responds indifferently “If you like.” Slammer grabs Psyclist and heads down the stairs, reaching the building doorway where Jazz is standing. “Who wants a ride to the top?” he asks.

Ghost finds a sheet metal waste paper basket (old school-room style) in Dallas’ office, and starts tearing and bending it into blast shields, under Stick’s direction.

  1. Gallowglas runs into the Barracks, and finds the beds and grabs a mattress.

In the Mine Pit, P-2 (the other twin) and P-3 (a middle-aged white dude) both move towards Slammer. It is more of a shamble than a run, due to the drugs in their systems. Slammer says “Everyone who wants a ride, grab ahold.”

At the top of the stairs, A-5 regains consciousness. Gorman starts gesturing to his men using hand signals. They all delay.

  1. Jazz helps move P-2 and P-3 to Slammer. Alphonse runs up the stairs with P-1, passing Gorman and Squad A, and making it out of the stairwell. She can’t quite reach the Control Room in this action. Stick grabs the other waste basket from Gorman’s office, and starts making a second set of blast shields, so the team can be fitting one collar-wearer with them while he drills out another. Each set has 3 shields (one for each charge) with multiple layers of sheet metal, carefully curved to disrupt the shaped charge and deflect it away from the wearer’s neck.

Wm. Bear Claw continues his ritual. Stick notices Bear Claw’s and Dallas’ chis interacting, at a very powerful level.

Slammer gathers up the group and prepares to fly them all up to the Control Room.

Ghost continues to bend metal to Stick’s specifications. She holds up her work for his inspection. “How’s this?” she asks. Stick looks it over, and says “Good enough.”

  1. Gallowglass runs back out of the Barracks, and up the stairs. She gets out of the stairwell, but cannot make it all the way to the Control Room. Both Alphonse, carrying P-1, and Gallowglas, carrying a mattress, are in the main hallway outside the stairway.

Gorman and his men take their delays. A-3 and A-4 are zip-tied, and do not have use of their hands. Gorman, A-5 and A-6 grab blasters off the stairs, and all make their way to the top doorway, which is still closing behind Gallowglas. Gorman peeks out, sees Gallowglas and Alphonse in the hall, and motions his men to hold position. He silently blocks the door from closing with his foot.

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