1. Slammer, who is flashed, pre-empts to Dodge, and raises his Force Field.

  2. Gallowglas cries out “Bha do mhathair Sassenach!” (“Your mother was an Englishman!” in Gaelic) and swings her sword at the remaining drone once again, using the flat of the blade, and finally hits it for 12 BODY. It is slammed back into the wall behind it, drops to the ground, and its destruct charge detonates. Gallowglas takes a 19/5 hit from the explosion (1 STUN leaks through), C4 just catches the edge of the blast, and bounces the damage. Jazz advances into the building.

At the top of the stairwell, Stick switches on his Damage Sheild (END Drain). “THAT was the last free shot you get, from now on it gets HARD!” He then uses his Martial Strike with the Tonfa on Lt. Gorman for 34/4, of which Gorman takes 14 STUN. Gorman also loses 15 END. There is no Knockback.

On Level 4, Psyclist starts a Recovery. Alphonse is still Flashed, but feels around for the steps and stairway railing, orients herself, and fires her T.K. Shove up the stairs at Squad B again. It just misses Psyclist, and goes over B-1 and B-3 (who are still down and protected by the stairs), but it hits B-2 and B-4..6 for 26/9 and 12 hexes Knockback (which does 40/10). Those four become unconscious.

Up in Dallas’ office, Ghost investigates the server problems. She finds that the server is off the network, and she needs to go to the server room to diagnose things further.

  1. Gallowglas follows C4 into the building. C4 then moves further in, and starts up the stairs, ending up about 1½ flights below Alphonse and Slammer.

Stick then strikes A-6 with the Tonfa, for 38/11, 18 STUN goes through and the END drain is 18.

Psyclist pulls a grenade off of B-1’s harness, and tosses it up the stairs, rolling a 3 to hit. He gets a spectacularly efficient air-burst effect, that affects C-3..6 and D-1..4. Blast is 6 STUN, Sight Flash is 4 and Hearing Flash is 7. They have sufficient defence to bounce these effects. Alphonse and Slammer delay, hoping their sight will return and they can act.

Up at the top of the stairs, Gorman takes a swing at Stick (Martial Arts Fast Strike), but misses. A-6 is having END problems, so uses his TASER, but misses. A-5 also fires his TASER and misses. A-4 fires a 3-shot burst from his Blaster, and misses. A-3 fires his TASER and misses as well. A-1 and A-2 get up, pull out their TASERs and fire, also missing.

Back on Level 4, B-1 wakes up, grabs a Blaster from the heap that is Squad B, wriggles to the edge of the stairs, sights in on Alphonse, and pulls the trigger. The blaster explodes (attack roll was 18), it must have taken damage in the TK Shove. 10d6 explosion for 30/9. B-1..6 and C-1 all take full damage, C-2..6 take 24/7. C-3’s armour does not activate. The blast reflects off the wall of the stairwell, and continues up to Squad D for 14/4. D-4’s armour does not activate. Squad B, C-1 and Psyclist are all knocked over by the blast. C-1 attempts a Breakfall roll to avoid being knocked down, but fumbles the roll (another 18!). C-1 goes over the stairway railing, and falls down the centre of the stairwell, all the way to Level 5, caroming off the stairs on either side as he falls. C-3 and C-4 fire their C-17s at Psyclist, hitting for 4x and 2x respectively. Psyclist falls. C-5 and C-6 throw grenades at Alphonse and Slammer. Both are hit for 6 and 7 STUN from the two attacks, respectively. Slammer falls unconscious. Squad D delays.

Ghost goes looking for the server room. Having already seen the main floor on her way in, she goes invisible+desolid and drops through the floor to Level 2. She finds herself in the Garrison Barracks and Armoury. She goes looking for the Server room, which will take her next 3 phases to locate.

All eligible players get their post-12 Recoveries. Slammer wakes up. Slammer’s and Alphonse’s vision returns after being flashed.

Turn 3

  1. Alphonse runs up to the next landing, by Psyclist and the heap that remains of Squad B. She applies the TK shove to C-2..6 (C-1 fell down to the floor below) for 22/7 and 5 hexes Knockback (19/5), slamming them back into the stairwell wall and piling them up in a heap on the landing. C-3’s and C-5’s armour does not activate for the Knockback damage.

  2. Gallowglas follows C4 into the stairwell, and finds soldier C-1 lying on the floor, having fallen from above, still conscious. She attacks C-1 with the flat of her sword, for 43/12. Despite rolling a 3 for armour activation, C-1 goes unconscious. There is 1 hex of Knockback, but C-1 does not move (he was already down, and the attack was downwards).

  3. C4 moves up the stairs to Slammer’s position.

Stick hits Gorman again, for 38/1 and 1 hex of Knockback (END drain is 8). Gorman hits the wall and drops to the floor, but, surprisingly, is still conscious and moving, although completely out of END.

Alphonse runs up the stairs, past Squad C and Squad D, and shoves Squad D back down the stairs onto the same landing as Squad C. 22/5. 1 hex of Knockback, but once Squad D starts falling down the stairs they do not stop until they reach the landing. No damage from Knockback. D-4’s and D-5’s armour do not activate.

Slammer acrobatically leaps to his feat in a single motion (successful Breakfall roll), and runs up the stairs to the landing with Psyclist. He applies his Clap/Sonic Boom to Squad B for 25 STUN, knocking out the two that were still conscious (B-1, B-3) and putting the rest deep into GM’s Descretion. Unfortunately, the boom is reflected off the bare concrete wall (worse yet, it was a corner, which works as a retroreflector) and hits him and Psyclist (for reduced damage).

Stick says to Squad A: “All that noise you hear downstairs is NOT your buddies kicking ass, they are GETTING their asses kicked. And those heavy footsteps on the stairs? That’s a steam roller coming this way fast, with YOUR name on it!”

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