Calgarians are shocked as the various news media report coordinated terror bombings from around the world:

  • The earilest attack is on the French Riviera attack and is quickly attributed to jihadists;

  • In Canada, car bombs are exploded at crowded border crossings, coinciding with the Labour day weekend and crowded holiday traffic. The borders are “temporarily” closed; and the War Measures Act is declared, incidentally suspending the upcoming October electoral process and leaving Prime Minister Steven Harbour in power. RCMP take over control of major city policing. In Calgary, the Mayor is placed under house arrest.

  • In Britain, an attack on Kensington palace kills the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and critically injures Prince George; princess Charlotte vanishes. New travel restrictions are imposed. The Scottish parliament is suspended.

  • Very large explosions, accompanied by rumours of mushroom clouds and radiation, are reported in New York City, Toronto, Paris, London, Sidney, Bombay, Tel Aviv, & Tokyo. Terrorists associated with Daesh claim responsibility calling this “Vengeance on the Capitals of Decadence”. Smaller explosions are rumoured to have involved gas dispersal and unidentified white powder speculated to be Anthrax.

  • Reaction in the west includes international warrants issued for a number of high-profile Islamisists, bombings of mosques by KKK followed by warrants issued for KKK members fleeing the U.S. and rumours that the Canadian government members are implicated in offering asylum to reactionary militants.

  • In Japan, restorationists are leading riots in Japan: take control of Kyoto. Borders closed to Japanese fleeing radiation from Tokyo bombing and civil war. Refugees dying in hospital.
  • Montana survivalists close border, blowing up border control stations.

    ####Engaging Our Heros Basically, there is enough disruption going on all around the world, to disrupt the daily lives of all of our heroes and bring them into proximity with one another for our adventure to kick off

  • Bernadette is on a cross-Canada tour. She should have left Calgary
    today for Vancouver, Rumour that Vancouver is on “The List” (leaked to press).

  • XiangMovie shut down indefinately, director and producer arrested.

  • JazzCurfew imposed. All our homeless types end up in the tank.

  • Paul

  • Tia works at restaurant is across the street.

  • Mike

  • Harris

  • Sarah

    #####Players: Anne as C4”</a>; Arlene as Ghost (Sara); Bill as Hammer (Mike Hammer); Claire as Bullet; Dean as Stick; Doug as Trilobite (Paul); Nazrat as Psyclist (Ben); Parker as Iffrit; Rachel as Alphonse (Tia;)

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