From last night’s gaming session. As usual, please let me know if I’ve missed anything, soliloquies in particular. Please note carefully a fugue at the end of segment six. The robot has raised a damage shield. It did not get mentioned last night, sorry. Gallowglas has released the robot after her attack, and so is not effected when it comes up.


Sarah, AKA Ghost, has ben having a rough day. Called in to work on a statutory holiday by a “problem” client, whose records are always in total disarray, she has taken a break from sorting a bankers box full of random receipts and gone out for some air. Hearing the riot from down the block, she hurries towards the sound, vanishing from sight as she goes.

Jazz is down by the river, with some friends, talking and laughing. The friends go one way, down the Bow River Pathway, and Jazz walks back towards downtown. She hears the unmistakable sound of a riot, just down the block. She cautiously approaches the fracas.

  1. At the sound of the shot, the single mystery man, Mistral, turns, and sees that Renfrew has fallen. A whirlwind, reminiscent of a hurricane eye wall, appears around him as he runs to her side. He kneels down beside her to examine her injuries. The bullet didn’t penetrate very far, and the damage is minor. Steve Porter also runs over, feigning concern. He then teleports Mistral 20m into the air. Mistral’s thought bubble reads “Tabernac!”.

Our other mystery man, partner of the woman who decked The Diva, calls out to her “Looks like you have that one, honey, I’m going to deal with this other one.” He then teleports a few metres behind Steve Porter, and shoots a lightning blast at his back. It misses.

At this point a very loud sonic boom rolls through downtown, coming from a vaguely northeasterly direction. Some windows break, raining down shards of glass. A few car alarms go off.

  1. Everyone looks around for the source. A red-clad figure can be seen flying in from the north, at high speed (~250 KPH), dropping down to about 15-20m altitude, aligning with the sidewalk in front of the Harry Hayes building. He covers more than 100m distance while people watch, and ends his move about 40m north of the riot.

Gallowglas completes her move to Bullman, performing the Wheel Feat and slamming him into the ground. His eyes close and he loses muscle tone.

Quickdraw decides she needs a bit more damage to effect Stick. She unbraces her rifle, uses her levels to carefully place her shot so as to increase the damage, and fires a single round at Stick. Stick is hit, and falls unconscious. Quickdraw does a little celebration dance.

Psyclist, who already has his multi power set to his Aid STUN power, uses it on Stick. Stick regains consciousness, but lies still. Rhinestone Cowboy is being held down by The Librarian. He doesn’t think his strength is a match for hers, so rather than try to break out, he punches her. He yells out “Get your hands off of me, you damn dirty ape!”, quoting Planet of the Apes. The Librarian winces when hit, but otherwise shows no effect. Can Opener takes a shot at Steve Porter, but also misses.

  1. Quickdraw shifts targets to Psyclist. Feeling giddy with success at dropping Stick, she decides to try a Triple-Tap on Psyclist. She hits him with all three rounds, and Psyclist falls unconscious. The Librarian puts the squeeze on Rhinestone Cowboy. Seeing heroes dropping like flies around her, she applies every bit of STR at her disposal, even the “emergency reserve” that costs her great amounts of END. He groan, his eyes bug out, and he loses consciousness.

Tom-tom, seeing that Electron is airborne (even though he is hovering just above the ground), leaps over to him and slugs him. By focusing his STR on causing knock back (his “Away” power) he sends Electron careening back into the concrete wall of the Harry Hayes building. Electron falls to the ground, down but not out. “Tom-tom SMASH puny hero!” he exclaims.

Alphonse gets up, and uses her Telekinetic Shove on Umbra, slamming him back into the Harry Hayes building. He also falls to his knees, but remains conscious. Electron stands up. “Go and smash THIS!” he yells, as his electric blast arcs into Tom-tom.

Redcoat gets up, and continues fumbling with the robot’s control app on his phone, trying to regain control of it. “I’m locked out!” he exclaims, to nobody in particular.

Thunder turns to her partner, Lightning, and says with an annoyingly perky voice “Mine is down, honey, but it looks like you could use a hand!”. She flies over towards Lightning and Porter, her move ends just a few metres short of hand-to-hand range. Lightning fires at Porter again. He misses, again.

Slammer leaps acrobatically to his feet, raises his force-field, moves up to Bullman and punches him telekinetically.

The robot lurches into motion, making a half-move towards Gallowglas, but cannot reach her. It turns on its radio jammer, killing all radio-based communications for more than a kilometre radius (except for its own comms). The Posse’s cell phone link goes dead. The police band goes dead, the few officers on the scene are confused and unable to co-ordinate.

Ghost flies up behind Quickdraw, remaining invisible.

  1. The red-clad flying figure streaks overhead. Observant observers observe his costume: red pants, red arms-shoulders-head, white torso with a red Maple Leaf and the word “Canada”, face covered with a cowl and goggles. The less observant only see a red blur, and flames. As he passes, he fires an incendiary attack into the crowd, right behind the robot. Three unconscious “Free Elections” protesters are in the flames. He ends his move nearly 50m downrange, climbing and beginning to accelerate.

Gallowglas runs over to the flames, and grabs one victim, pulling him to safety. He has serious burns, but is not in life-threatening condition.

Mistral uses his “Dust in the Wind” attack to attempt to blind Steve Porter. He misses.

Can Opener takes a pot shot at the departing flier, hitting him and tumbling him in mid-air, delaying his disengagement.

  1. Quickdraw opens up on Slammer, hitting him twice. His force-field was up, so it did little damage. The Librarian hits Rhinestone Cowboy again, to ensure he stays down. Tom-tom steps up to Electron, and punches him. Since he can half-move to hand-to-hand range with is Running, he can configure his multi-power for added STR. He connects, Electron flies back into the building again, and drops unconscious to the ground.

Jazz/C4 arrives at the edge of the crowd, and takes a moment to assess the situation. Stick, seeing Ghost arrive behind Quickdraw, waits for Ghost to act.

Redcoat flies over to the burning area, but does not have enough movement to rescue anyone. He sees Gallowglas on the other side of the flames, lining up to rescue the two remaining victims in the fire. “Which one are you taking?” he asks her, “I’ll get the other one.” Gallowglas replies “I’m getting both”. Redcoat replies “OK, I’ll bat cleanup, in case you miss one.” Alphonse then runs over, and uses her Area Effect telekinesis to pull the two remaining victims to safety.

Umbra gets up, and seeing that Alphonse is rescuing people from the fire, sets his sights on Redcoat. He hits Redcoat with his “Dark Energy” blast, knocking him out into the street.

Steve Porter says “Enough of this shit, we’re out of here.”, bends over Renfrew, grabs her, and begins to initiate his Long Jump teleport power.

Thunder steps up and punches Porter. He goes flying. “See honey,” she says, “that’s how its done.” Lightning replies “Show off!” He fires his Lightning Blast into Porter, who is down, hitting him this time. “See, I can hit him too!”.

Hammer turns his attention to Umbra, moving up and lashing out telekinetically. Umbra slams back into the wall one more time.

Ghost uses her Martial Arts strike while invisible to hit Quickdraw, shifting to Density Increase. She is taken by surprise, and goes flying into the back of the van, smashing the rear window and seriously denting the lift gate before falling to the ground, barely conscious. Stick takes his delay, leaping to his feet with his staff, and charging Quickdraw. Quickdraw lapses into unconsciousness.

  1. The red-clad flier rights himself, and proceeds to “exit, stage right”. Gallowglas turns from the fire, now that the normals have been pulled from it, and attacks the robot with the Wheel Feat. The robot is much larger and heavier, and resists toppling. It does wobble, and emit the moans and groans of machinery under physical stress.

C4 finishes her assessment, and decides to attack Tom-tom with her Ground Zero, AE 1 hex attack.

Psyclist wakes up. With his massive REC he is ready to fight again. The only viable target he sees still on his feet is Tom-tom. He targets him with a mental blast.

Mistral hits Steve Porter with a wind blast, knocking him further into unconsciousness. Can Opener shoots Umbra, who finally falls unconscious.

The robot notes Gallowglas at its feet, and Alphonse nearby. It computes a target hex that includes both of them in the effect of its gas bombs, and fires one. Gallowglas, Alphonse and Umbra are all effected. The robot’s metal skin starts to show electric arcs, as its electric damage shield comes up.

The normal humans that are still mobile, flee. Many move to cross the street to avoid getting close to C4.

On a rooftop, far up the street, we see the sniper taking his shot at Nancy Renfrew. Watching through the scope, he displays a brief smile when the shot hits, and the target falls. He quickly breaks down the gun in only a second or two, with the ease of long practice, and slings its case over his shoulder. He tucks the ghillie suit into the case as well. His thought bubble reads, “Its up to Porter, now.” He rides a zip line down to the roof of an adjacent building, retracts the zip line, and disappears inside.

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