2: Spock attempts to escape from the ANWPP who have grabbed him, and Ghost who is sitting on him Ghost feels him shifting, and increases her weight to max (1600 Kg). Spock rolls 13 BODY (on 12 dice), vs. 5 and 4 for the ANWPP (breaking their grips), but not exceeding Ghost’s 13 (also on 12D6). He remains restrained.

Gallowglas runs up to SO-3 and performs the Wheel Feat, for 52 STUN and 17 BODY. He takes 36 STUN and 1 BODY, falling unconscious.

Psyclist fires a mental blast at SO-1, rolling a 6 (hits 11 DMCV or less) and does 17 STUN. SO-1 was already down, but now is unconscious, too.

3: C4 targets SO-4 with Ground Zero (AE 1 hex). She hits the hex for 48 STUN and 14 BODY, he takes 32 STUN and 12 hexes of Knockback along the sidewalk for 6D6 (29 & 8).

Alphonse checks the status of the four Security Officers. The two nearest ones seem to be out, the other two are too far away for her to tell. Spock is clearly awake, and trying to break free from the invisible weight on him. From observing this, Alphonse determines (on an INT roll) that Spock is highly trained in hand-to-hand combat. She gets up (half action) and moves over beside Spock (another half action).

Stick takes a swing (Martial Strike) at Spock, levels on DCV. He hits 10-, doing 40 STUN and 12 BODY on 11D6.

Slammer moves up beside Spock as well, and attempts to hit him, missing. A 0 OCV attack roll against Ghost also misses.

ANWPP 1 & 2 attempt to re-grab Spock, in order to handcuff him. They miss. The other four ANWPP officers, having herded the civilians away from the arrest, head back towards Spock’s location to assist.

Ghost (who pre-empted this action in 2) says “You are making things harder on yourself, Spock. You are under arrest for violating the Prime Directive. Please come quietly.”

Spock replies, “I have not violated the Prime Directive, as I have not interfered with this society. In fact, I have prevented a violation by recovering high-technology Federation property that had fallen into local hands.”

They banter back-and-forth. Ghost demands he surrender and explain himself to “the Admiral”, Spock claims exigent circumstances preclude doing that.

4: Spock, having drawn Ghost out in conversation, has a very good lock on her location. He shoots her with his phaser, on STUN. 6D6 NND vs. Force Field, for 25 STUN. Ghost falls unconscious, and becomes visible. The sound track is playing “heroic” music.

Gallowglas moves up and hits Spock with the flat of her blade, for 48 STUN and 14 BODY. The sound track quickly switches to a more “villainous” motif, in a minor key.

Psyclist mental blasts SO-1 for 22 STUN (doubled, as SO-1 is unconscious).

5: C4 delays.

Stick hits Spock again, for 40 STUN and 11 BODY (on 12D6).

Alphonse, configured for STR, punches Spock for 42 & 12. There are 9 hexes of knockback, straight down into the sidewalk, for 30 & 9.

Slammer grabs Spock, and squeezes him for 39 & 10.

Ghost gets a Recovery, and regains consciousness.

6: Spock breaks Slammer’s grab, and leaps to his feet (0 phase break fall action).

Gallowglas swings the flat of her blade at Spock, and misses.

Psyclist moves up on the farther two of the four Enterprise Security Officers. He switches to Mind Vision, and checks their status. He sees that SO-3 is awake. He calls out a warning, “Gallowglas! The one behind you is awake!”

SO-3 collects his phaser, and shoots Gallowglas with it, without getting up. He hits for 19 STUN (6D6 NND vs FF).

ANWPP 1 & 2 attempt to re-grab Spock again, both miss. #3 handcuffs SO-2 who is lying unconscious at his feet. #4, 5 & 6 converge on SO-3. #1 & 2 draw their TASERs and shoot SO-3 (6D6 AVAD vs Resistant ED) for 19 and 17 STUN, respectively. SO-3 twitches falls unconscious. The STUN of the second hit is doubled.

The remaining normals in the street flee, getting off the block.

  1. Gallowglas attacks Spock again, hitting him, and reducing him to 1 STUN.

Spock pulls out his communicator, and says “Enterprise! Emergency beam-out!”. The sound of the Transporter Effect fills the air, and Spock begins to sparkle.

C4 delays. Alphonse punches at Spock, but misses.

Stick hits Spock for 40 & 10. Spock falls unconscious, and the sound track goes silent.

Experience (last three sessions):

All — 1.5 Combat, 2 non-combat. Stick: +1.5 non-combat Gallowglas: +1 non-combat Hammer: +1.5 non-combat Psyclist: +1.5 non-combat Ghost: +1.5 non-combat Jazz: +0.5 combat, +0.5 non-combat


Stick, Gallowglas & Hammer: for drawing out Tompkins on the trip back from SOLITAIRE Stick & Psyclist: for phone interactions w/ Notley and Laurie to prepare for arrival in Calgary Hammer: for interrogation of Tompkins (two discussions) Stick: for interviews w/Agni and Doyle Ghost & Psyclist: for costumes idea & execution Ghost: for changing appearance via makeup Psyclist: for skimming ST:TOS episodes on the trip to Vulcan and herding civilians in Vulcan Gallowglas: for Googling “Queen to King’s Level One” Ghost: for trying to talk Spock into surrendering, while sitting on him C4: for staying in character and blowing out the shop windows Alphonse: for engaging hand-to-hand, and not just using TK shove/pull

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