The parade is over, and the crowd disperses. CPS has hauled off the four miscreants. Cleanup crews begin their work. High overhead, some 5 stories up, we see an empty rooftop. But something is not quite right with this scene. Something moves, a crack appears, and then turns into an impossible shadow. A hand emerges from the shadow, and pulls back what appears to be the rooftop. It becomes quickly apparent that what is being pulled back is an image of the rooftop. The image tries to keep up with the movement, but fails miserably. From behind the image, we see a middle aged man, dressed in “tactical attire”, who would be right at home in any major municipal SWAT team. We recognize him as the man packing all those guns in our previous issue. True to form, he has with him a large sniper rifle.

He turns off the imaging system, and packs away his stuff. You didn’t show today, he mutters to himself, but you’re here. You can’t hide from me for long.

He leaves the roof, and returns to his hotel. He opens his laptop, and sends a secure, encrypted text message:

Subject was a no-show. There was an attempted disruption, but was itself disrupted by a 3rd party. Wish I could take credit. Will track subject. Have intel on upcoming events.

He puts away his phone, changes into street clothes, and leaves the room.

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