##May Day, (Saint Walpurga’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Philip and Saint James.)##

May Day is traditionally celebrated with a picnic and Maypole dancing. The Calvinist branches of the church banned May Day because of itsWiccan associations. But its hard to ignore May Day as it is the second cross-quarter day and the start of Summer (I can never fathom why television and radio weathermen keep referring to June 22 as the start of Summer when its common name is Midsummer’s Day!). Reclaim it for Christ by scheduling the first family barbecue or picnic of the year. Try a May pole, if you’re brave, and use the liturgical colours (red, white, purple and green) for the ribbons. Or just use red and white ribbons in honour of the Saints whose day this is: Red commemorates martyred Saints, white unmartyred Saints.

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