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Dollies to help Toddlers Worship

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November 1997
Mama, Naomi holding Obed, Anne, Father Bob, Rachel, Ruth with her gleaning basket, and Papa with his guitar, all in the basket in which they travel to and from Church.
These families of dollies help Toddlers experience the Communion of the Saints in concrete, tangible form. Depicting Biblical persons, the children's families including the children themselves, and other members of the church, the dollies let the children see that we are all part of the same community. The dollies have their own altar, chalice and paten. Children can play quietly and appropriately with the dollies during Worship, and practice on the dollies the forms and actions they see taking place around them.

Eve (to scale)
The dollies are made from Polymer resin clay (Fimo, Sculpey, Friendly Clay, and so on) and stand 4 to 6 inches high. Doll-quality clay is stronger and less likely to break, especially if dolls are formed with arms pressed to the torso and legs together, but you still need to keep an eye on the children to make sure no small or broken-off parts are going into little mouths as choking hazards.


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