Artisan Bread

serves 4 to 6

500 ml warm water

30 g sugar

Dissolve in the water

15 ml yeast

Sprinkle over the water. Let stand until yeast foam forms on top of the water

750 grams flour

Put in largest bowl of stand-mixer. Mix together roughly, then add yeast/water/sugar mixture and knead in.

5 grams salt

Additional flour as needed

Gradually add flour until dough is firm and elastic. It should form a ball on the kneading hook and pull away from the walls of the mixing bowl.

Let rise until double in bulk. Heat oven to 350 degrees. Divide evenly in two and shape into long loaves side-by-side on a baking sheet. Let rise near the warm oven for half an hour.

1 egg

Beat together with a fork until blended. Brush over loaves. Slash tops of loaves with a very sharp knife three or four times about 5 ml deep.

15 ml milk

Bake 40 minutes.