Ballerina Cheesecake

Ballerina Cheesecake

Fat-free, sugar-free, low-carbohydrate Cheesecake! A recipe dedicated to Carling Hanson and other young ballerinas whose profession leaves them with few options for indulging a taste for cheesecake.

Spray a six-muffin silicon muffin-pan with cooking spray.

330g Fat-free "greek" yogourt such as Liberte (total ingredient list should read "skim milk, bacterial cultures" -- no additional additives!)

Drain the yogourt 24 hours in a colander lined with three layers of wet cheesecloth, or in a Donvier yogourt-cheese maker. The yogourt will become quite solid like a soft cheese. Discard the watery whey that drains off.

2 eggwhites

Beat to soft peaks.

80ml Splenda

Beat into eggwhites; then fold in the yoghurt curd

12 ml fruit conserves

Put 2ml of fruit conserve in the center of each muffin-cup. Spoon the yogourt-egg batter over the fruit, filling each cup. Poke a chopstick carefully down to the bottom of each cup in the very centre, and stir each cup in a careful spiral motion out to the edge of the cup. This flattens the batter, and creates a decorative spiral of the fruit that will show when the cheesecake is turned out.

50g ground almonds

Evenly divide the ground almonds among the six cups, spreading it smoothly over the top of each cheesecake and gently pressing it down to form a crust.

Bake 25 minutes at 375 degrees fahrenheit. Chill in the refrigerator in the muffin-pan for at least an hour.