Bulgar Buckwheat Bread


1 cup milk

Microwave together 1 minute. Ideally, let this sit until the buckwheat berries soften, about an hour; however it can be used immediately. If you leave it to sit, microwave the mixture again for one minute before adding the yeast so that it provides a warm growth matrix.

2 T honey

2 T hemp hearts

2 T buckwheat

2 T Bulgar

7 grams yeast

Sprinkle over top of milk grain mixture. Let sit until foamy to prove the yeast

5 grams salt

Mix together. Add milk and yeast mixture. Knead until smooth and elastic. Let rise approximately one hour

300g whole wheat flour

Heat oven to 350 degrees with a pizza stone in it. Shape loaf into a round loaf and let rise on a sheet of parchment. When risen, place on stone in oven and bake 40 minutes