Ginger Tea Makes Friends

serves 4 to 6

Ginger Tea Makes Friends

Preheat oven to 350

1 large ginger root

Peel and slice very thin. Discard peel

1 large or two medium thick-skinned oranges

Peel and chop into eighths. Set peel aside to make Candied Peel

1 large or two medium thick-skinned lemons

1 large or two medium thick-skinned limes

1.5 l water

Fill a stove-top pot and add sliced ginger root. Submerge an open steamer basket into the pot over the ginger and add the chopped citrus fruit

250 g brown sugar

Add to the pot and bring to a simmer

Simmer 20 minutes. Lift out the steamer basket with the cooked citrus fruit and set aside to make Soft Ginger Marmalade. Pour the hot liquor off the ginger through a pre-wet coffee filter into sterile quart jars. Set the cooked ginger aside to make Candied Ginger.