Anne's Petits Fours Icing

serves 4 to 6


Your cake will be easier to work with if it is frozen or partly frozen. Bring 1 inch of water to a simmer in a saucepan and place a rack across the top

4 cups icing sugar

    Combine in a large heat-resistant glass bowl and mix until smooth. Place on the rack over steaming water to warm.

¼ cup hot water

¼ cup corn syrup optional

1 cup white chocolate

Melt slowly in a heavy iron pan or double boiler. Scrape the white chocolate into the icing and mix until smooth and consistent. The icing should be quite fluid.

Flavouring (optional)

Food colour (optional)

Take one petit-four and balance it on a fork. Pour icing from a ladle over the cake taking care to cover all the sides and the top in a single pour. Multiple pours will make it lumpy.

Place the cake on a rack over a pan to drain.