Silly Neglect Bread

serves 4 to 6

375 ml flour (3 cups)

Heat two minutes in the microwave

400 ml cold water (1 2/3 cups)


5 ml salt (1 tsp)

15 ml dry Yeast (1 Tbsp)

15 ml Honey (1 Tbsp)

scrape the sides of the hot flour and mix in the water combo with an electric mixer to make a sticky matter. At this stage, the batter may be covered and neglected in a cool place for several hours

For hot bread at 7 o'clock:

at 5:45 Thoroughly oil a bread-pan. Stir the dough with a wet spoon to pop all the bubbles and pour it into the pan. Place in a warm spot to rise. Set oven to 350 degrees.

At 6:10 bake the bread in the hot oven for 50 minutes.