Pumpkin-ginger Soup

serves 4 to 6

50g butter

Slice onion and ginger thinly and brown gently in a non-stick pan with a scant brushing of oil until soft and lightly browned.

1 medium onion

3 cm fresh ginger

1 litre cooked pumpkin pulp

Puree the pumpkin pulp with the onion and ginger. If the pumpkin is already pureed, use a small portion of it to help puree the onion and ginger smoothely

1 litre vegetable stock

Mix all ingredients together in a tureen and warm gently until ready to serveS

1/2 nut nutmeg, grated

5 ml lemon juice

125ml whipping cream or non-fat Greek yoghurt (unflavoured)

Swirl cream into the soup just before serving, or

1 ml Paprika

during Lent, serve with a dusting of paprika instead of cream