S mairg a ni tarcuis air biadh”

According to Mike Myers, “all of Scottish food is based on a dare.” As in, 'I dare you to eat that.' Dishes like Haggis and Black Pudding, described in unappetizing terms, are trotted out as examples of food that defies any cowardly gastronome. But that is unfair.

It may be that “Biology is Destiny”, but geography is cuisine. Rocky islands in the hostile north Atlantic don't tolerate the pickiness of mediterranean climes. In a land with three harvests a year, inhabitants can afford to ask “is it kosher?” and discard whatever is not. In gentle warm valleys where a harvest is virtually assured, inhabitants can choose their crop for aesthetics and scorn what they choose not to grow. In the wealthy industrialized West inhabitants can worry about getting too much(!), and scorn food for its very richness. But in the Hebrides or Cape Breton, folk who chose to thrive learned to ask only “does it provide calories?”. Our dishes do not provide culinary adventures. The land itself provides enough adventure: traditional Scottish food provides nourishment and comfort. And as traditional Gaelic wisdom reminds us,

It is a fool that does not respect his food.”


Sunday: when I run out of weekend-energy by around mid-afternoon, nap until early evening, and don't get planning meals until after seven. This is going to have to be a fast-to-prepare meal


Sausage Stovies


Monday: when I work from eight to five and have to be out of the house by 7:15 for a Hap Ki Do class. This is going to have to be a prepare-ahead day

Mince & Tatties

Lammas Bread


Steak Pie


Potroast & Pudding


Aberdeen Butteries

Forfar Bridies


Mince & Tatties


Bacon and Egg Pie


Potato Cheese and Bacon Pie

Pheasant Casserole