serves 4 to 6

2 eggwhites

Beat to stiff peaks

250 grams of flour (500 ml)

Mix together in a separate bowl. Make a depression in the middle

15 ml Baking Powder

30 ml sugar

2 ml salt

375 ml milk

Stir into dry ingredients

15 ml melted butter

2 egg yolks

Fold in eggwhites just until smooth.

Heat waffle iron on stove to mark 5 – smoking hot! Brush butter liberally over iron using a pastry brush sure to coat all sides of each contour. The iron is hot enough to burn off the bristles of an ordinary boar-bristle brush (and don't even think of using a nylon-bristle brush!) so a silicon brush is preferable. Refresh the butter after each waffle is cooked.

Pour 150ml into the back three sections near the centre of the iron. Fold the iron shut and hold it shut, squeezing the waffle into the centre sections. Turn the iron, cook 70 sections, turn the iron back and cook 15 seconds more. The batter and the buttering will cool the iron, so after the first waffle turn it up to mark 6.