Are Children Welcome at Worship?
On Easter Sunday 1997 I was asked, for the second week in a row, to remove my children from worship. Although not as silent as little adults, the children were not behaving badly. The request came from a parishioner who had, at the baptisms of those same children many months before, promised to do all in her power to support them in their life in Christ. How little we mean the promises we make to our God!
The following week, I began a search for an Anglican church community in Calgary, Alberta; where more than lip service was given to the value of children's ministry. Discouraged by the results, I expanded the search to include Lutheran, then Roman Catholic and other congregations. Subsequently, I was able to address my church's Corporation (that is, Priest and Wardens), on the subject of our ministry with children. My notes for that event are further down this page.

"Are children welcome at Worship" presents the results of my search. Churches are listed from most child-friendly Worship to least child-friendly Worship; I didn't consider any other characteristics. I couldn't visit every church I contacted, so many of the results had to be inferred from the answers and attitudes of the ministers, receptionists and volunteers who answered the phone. In other cases, I talked to church members or visited the church for worship.

If you know more about any of the churches on this list or have a different impression of them, or if you have an assessment of another church in Calgary that you would like added to this list, I'll be happy to receive your e-mail at I'll also gratefully accept advice.