We’re back in the parliamentary conference room. Present are Harbour, Kenty and MacKay, who are talking with Redcoat, Electron, Canopener and The Librarian. The four are standing awkwardly rigid, almost at attention. Harbour asks them “You understand the mission?”. Their speech bubble shows them replying in unison, as if reciting a list memorized by rote: “1) Locate Miyati, 2) Recover the document, 3) Return both to Ottawa, 4) Do not look at the document”. Kenty says “That’s good, I think we’ve got it”. Harper says “I agree”. The four lose the awkward stiffness. Harper says “Thank you for taking this on on such short notice, but it is a matter of the utmost urgency. National Security is a stake!” Redcoat salutes. “We won’t let you down”. His voice is free of the rote-like manner heard earlier. The four file out.

MacKay says I’m still worried. Too much can go wrong. Harbour says, I’ve got that covered. I told SENTINEL to move their test to Calgary, and added some special instructions, just in case. Kenty smirks, and says “Too bad SENTINEL is non-lethal, but polls tell us the public won’t accept killer drones.” Harbour says “If it comes to it, we can retask DEADEYE or the C.O.G.s to bat cleanup, but I think we’ve got enough contingency planning on this.”

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