Weekly Summary (PMO Letterhead, “Confidential, Cabinet Eyes Only”)

SENTINEL is on track for field trials next week. They recommend testing in a friendly locale, e.g. Ontario or Quebec. If no issues are found production can begin Sept 1. (Handwritten note: proceed at first opportunity, regardless of locale)

BUBBLES has surfaced, intel reports will be in Calgary for Stampede week for planned events. Have directed DEADEYE to follow up, as per standing orders. (Handwritten note: OK)

INCUBUS is back on track. Subject BAKER has been recaptured and assessed. Subject CHARLIE is still at large, but project team has obtained necessary data by other means. Response of BAKER met expectations but diverged from spec, CHARLIE exceeded expectations and was right on track. Primary hypothesis is validated and although collateral damage was unexpected, it can be managed through isolation of target. Recommend terminating ABLE, assigning BAKER for operations training, and abandoning CHARLIE. Require approval to advance to stage 3. (Handwritten note: Approved, instruct team to tie up CHARLIE too)

SOLITAIRE is behind schedule. Spring weather delayed construction start, and progress has been slow. Not expected to begin operations until next spring. Recommend subject acquisition be suspended until then, and existing subjects be dispersed to long-term facilities. (Handwritten note: OK)

TWOFER has collapsed. Project facilities overrun, research staff safely evacuated. Garrison captured. Remaining subject (ECHO) escaped. Although initial data was promising, team was seeing indications of instability. No open avenues to advance beyond current position, consider project a failure. Recommend disbanding TWOFER, assigning remaining assets to INCUBUS. Subject ECHO expected to fail completely within weeks. (Handwritten note: Damn)


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