A flashback scene from the latest issue:

Exterior of Parliament Centre Block. The Peace Tower soars against a deep blue sky. The birds are singing, and it is a beautiful summers day.

Inside Centre Block, we see a meeting room. Present are Rob Nicholson (Foreign Affairs), Peter MacKay (Justice) and Justin Kenty (Defense, Meta-human Affairs). Entering the room is Prime Ministr Steven Harbour, and a staffer. “Joe can’t make it today” (Joe Oliver is the Minister of Finance), “so we’ll take the briefing without him”. Harbour takes a seat, and the staffer hands out envelopes to those present, and leaves. They unseal the envelopes and read the document within. Harbour makes notes on his. Kenty says “We need to move faster on SENTINEL”. Harbour says “Agreed, we’ll deploy for testing at our earliest opportunity, and not wait for a ‘safe’ test”. He scribbles a note. Harbour continues “BUBBLES, eh, I hope that bitch gets put down this time”. The others nod concurrence. He scribbles another note. MacKay says “INCUBUS Subject CHARLIE is a major liability, reports are she’s vindictive as hell”. Harper nods, “We’ll have the team tie up that loose end, they screwed the pooch on that one from the get-go”. Nicholson says “No surprises on SOLITAIRE, we’ll just have to ride it out”. Harbour makes another note, then says “I had such high hopes for TWOFER, it looked like ECHO was going to work out”. Kenty replies “Well, you win some, you lose some. INCUBUS is looking very promising, I hope Stage 3 gets us the targeted effects we want”.

At that point a discrete buzzer sounds, and Redcoat opens the door. “Lockdown, proceed to the shelter”. Harbour glares at him. Redcoat continues “Maybe its a drill, maybe its an ISIS death squad. Your call.” The group all follows Redcoat out the door. Forgotten on the table is Harbour’s copy of the document.

The next panel shows what appears to be an air vent. It is screened with fine, mosquito- proof mesh, behind which stands The Mighty Gnat, clearly already very small. He shrinks down even further and pops through the mesh, and runs down the wall to the floor below. He grows to normal size, grabs the document, shrinks back down, and returns to the air vent. A few minutes later, the emergency cabinet returns to the room, to resume their meeting. Harbour can’t find his copy, MacKay gives him his, and they work through the notes again.

Meanwhile, The Mighty Gnat leaves Parliament, and returns to his home. He reads through the document. “Who can I trust with this?”, he asks rhetorically. He photographs the document with his phone, then puts the original back in his pocket. He shrinks and leaves. He goes to a convenience store, that still has a working pay phone. He grows to normal size behind the store, and walks around to the phone. He places a call. “Its me, I’ve got something big that has to be told. Meet me at our usual spot”.

The usual spot is a quite corner of a city park. The Mighty Gnat is sitting on a park bench. A young man sits down beside him. “What do you have”, he asks. Miyati shows him the phone. His eyes pop. “Wow,” he says, “I think I made the right call on this”. Several men step out of the bushes around them. We recognize Clark W. Griswold brandishing an silenced automatic pistol. The others are obscured in powered armour, carrying submachine guns with suppressors. “You fucking BASTARD” Miyati yells, shrinking out of sight as a bullet whizzes where he’d just been. “Shit, he’s one of THEM” cries one of the goons, but they can’t find him to catch or kill him. “Damn it,” says Griswold, “this is NOT going to go over well, you should’ve told us he was a super”. The snitch says “I didn’t know! I still get paid, right?”. Griswold just shoots him, and picks up the dropped phone.

Back at Parliament, Griswold is reporting back to Harper and an aide. “How did we miss that he was a super?”, he says, “Should we hunt him down? His credit card was used to buy a flight to Halifax”. Harbour says “No, I need you to tie up the loose ends you left on INCUBUS”. Griswold leaves. Harbour says “Halifax is a ruse, he knows we’ll track his card. He’s headed west, probably Calgary. Those guys just EXCEL at giving me trouble, and everyone KNOWS it!” The aide asks “Do you want me to retask DEADEYE for this?” Harbour replies, “No, BUBBLES is higher priority”. The aide suggests “What about those clowns from Commons Security? The aren’t read-in, but they have such ramrods up their asses they’ll do as they’re told”. Harbour smiles, and adds “and if they get burned, it’s no loss; they
know nothing. Get that pompous, smug bastard in here.”

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