The first panel shows a typical low-rise, suburban office building, situated on nice grounds with greenspace, a pond, some trees, etc. There is a prominent sign, reading Peterborough Pharmaceuticals. In the distance we can see a city skyline. The presence of the CN tower shows it is Toronto.

Inside, we see a lab. A distinguished looking figure in a white lab coat is working. A young man in a fancy suit enters. “Dr. Francis!” he says, “Good news, Stage 3 has been approved.” Francis replies with “Excellent, Mr. Layton. We’ve wrapped up with the Stage 2 data, but I’ve heard nothing more about Subject CHARLIE”. Layton says “C.O.G. is taking care of CHARLIE. Send Subject BAKER for re-education, he has useful talents, but terminate ABLE.” Francis responds “OK. I guess there’s no telling when Griswold will be back, so I’ll put her down myself”. Layton continues, “We have three subjects in the isolation facility for Stage 3, all have been cleared as healthy. Go ahead as soon as you have the sequences mapped.” Francis nods agreement.. Layton leaves the lab, and Francis goes back to work.

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