Griswold and his team are meeting in their hotel room. “We’ve got a few days data from the GPS trackers on the Wheeler family vehicles, and I’ve found a very interesting anomaly”, says one of the men. He brings up a map of the city on his laptop. Several locations are flagged. “Many of their destinations we can rule out as their business location, and stores or other commercial locations they do business at. Others are residential addresses with family members likely to be associating with the Wheelers. But THIS address is very different — it is a residential property owned by a trust fund administered by a Vancouver law firm. Everything about the property is locked down.” The laptop does a zoom-in on one of the icons, going to Street View. We recognize the safe house where the Brat Pack has been staying. “Only Agatha Wheeler has been travelling there, and she has been spending a lot of time there, often all day and all night.

“I want cameras on that property now”, Griswold says. “Agatha does not profile as the type to have a ‘secret family’, or even an extra-marital lover”, one of the men comments. “Could this be the Posse’s base of operations?” Griswold responds “It is unlikely that Agatha Wheeler would be involved in that to this level”, but SOMETHING odd is going on there. The cameras will tell us”. Another one of the men says “I’ll put up the cameras, and do a preliminary scout of the property. Should I go inside?” “No,” Griswold says, “external only. But tap the phones too, so we can monitor their microphones externally and get audio from inside.” The man nods and leaves, grabbing a ‘Telus’ coverall on his way out the door.

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