“She’s raising 5 kids?”, one of the men asks, rhetorically. Another, looking up from his laptop, chimes in with “School records show her as their legal guardian. They’re foster children, but their parents are all still alive and not in jail, so why are they in foster care?”

Griswold thinks for a moment and then says, “I’ll bet the delinquents must be too much for their parents to handle.” He thinks some more. “They’re connected with the Posse somehow. We’ve seen several of them come over, including CHARLIE. They obviously care about the kids, even CHARLIE. We can leverage that.”

The tech specialist says “The Stingray got their cell phone data. I’ve got CHARLIE’s SIM isolated. We could send her a text that would draw her out.”

Griswold grins. “We’d need need something to motivate her if we want to draw her out. Snatch one of the brats, maybe, then send her a message ‘If you ever want to see him again, bring $50,000 to 123 XYZ street. Come alone.’ Hopefully she will, but if she brings the whole Posse, we’ll be ready for them.”

He stands up and stretches. “Take a nap if you can, we’ll do the snatch tonight. I spotted a place earlier that would make a great money drop. I want to scout it out, and prep it for the Posse.” He leaves the hotel room.

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