We see Clark W. Griswold and his team at an airport car rental booth. They have much baggage including several large trunks. They get the keys to their rental van, load up, and drive away (two man lifts on the trunks). We see them heading into the city (the skyline shows both the Calgary Tower and the Bow). Griswold says “Subject CHARLIE has been working with The Posse. We have tentatively identified two members of the Posse: Mike Hammer AKA ‘Slammer’ and Ben Wheeler AKA ‘Psyclist’. Hammer has a PI business and an employee, one Della Street. Wheeler is a prominent artist/builder and has family”. Griswold pauses to change lanes and stop for a traffic light. He continues “We will perform covert surveillance on the PI business, the employee, and Wheeler’s studio space and family. We have limited assets we can call on in this locale, so it will be up to us. Eventually, there will be contact, and we will use that to find CHARLIE. We want to catch CHARLIE alone, without the rest of the Posse, if at all possible, but time is tight. If we have to engage the entire team, we target CHARLIE, complete our mission, and then disengage.”

The scene ends with the heavily loaded van pulling away from the light.

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