The scene is a porch/deck in “cottage country”. A middle aged man is sitting, drinking a beer. He is trim and fit, and has a military bearing. His phone rings. The display shows “Secure Call”. He taps “Accept”, it shows “Connecting …” and then “Secure Connection”. “Yes” he says. The voice on the other end replies “Sources tell us that she will be in Calgary for Stampede, and that she is planning something to disrupt our plans, possibly at the parade”. He responds with “I’ll take care of it”, and disconnects.

He goes inside and begins packing. Guns. And ammo. And more guns. Big guns. He has a case with a large (.50 cal) sniper rifle, broken down. The bullets he packs for it are the size of bananas. And an assault rife. And an SMG. And grenades. And body armour. And a helmet with obvious night vision gear.

Our final panel shows him arriving at the airport, carrying the case with his guns up to the security point, flashing ID, and being waved through.

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