Still, there is chaos as the crowd flees from the seating area to their cars, and then set off cross-country to the various grid roads around the venue (with utter disregard for the marked lanes, the grasslands or any of the barb-wire fencing). Our final scene is of someone holding their phone in their hand, showing a massive balance in an Etherium wallet. The hand has rather odd fingernails, that look more like a cat’s retractible claws than nails. The phone is slipped into a pocket, and the hand moves to the steering wheel as traffic begins to move again. The credits roll. Then, there is the post-credits scene:

Fade in to: interior, high-tech cell block. Thick, multi-layered lucite walls enclose each prisoner. The camera pans over the Diva, Axe Man, Tom-tom and Umbra. We see they are all unconscious. They also are shackled, with heavy-duty titanium manacles. The Diva also has a fancy, high-tech gag on her mouth. Two guards are nearby, playing cards while watching the prisoners, looking up every few seconds. The prisoners start to wake up. They test their manacles, and check out their cells. Tom-tom hits the walls and door, to no avail. The cells are tough.

The guards get up and walk past the cells, checking on the prisoners. Then they go back to their game. Umbra teleports, manacles and all, into the next cell, holding Axe Man. Those two then teleport into the next cell, holding Tom-tom. Those three then teleport into the Diva’s cell, and all four vanish. It is all over in 12 seconds. The guards look up, have an “aw shit” moment, and hit the Big Red Button.

Fade to black.

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